Enhanced an agriculture agency’s employment training course with systems training simulations, contributing to a 99% course pass rate.

The Challenge

As a continuation of their employment training course, an agriculture agency needed a way to enhance its training program and vet newly trained and promoted employees exiting the program. Before passing the training course and stepping into the full responsibilities of their roles, the agency wanted to provide trainees with hands-on experience using its comprehensive data analytic system. However, the agency did not want this training to interfere with the actual data within their system. By incorporating this additional training, the agency hoped to ensure that newly trained employees would be better prepared to perform their jobs post-training.


  • Incorporate hands-on systems training
  • Ensure post-training job knowledge and performance
  • Vet newly trained and promoted employees
  • Increase the number of skilled employees leaving the program

The Solution

KPC supported a four-week Inspection Methods training course to ensure that newly trained and promoted employees were equipped with the knowledge and hands-on training needed to take on their new roles successfully. This course supplemented the agency’s employment training course by covering the essential inspection verification tasks for newly promoted or newly hired inspectors and veterinarians. The course also delivered simulation training on a dynamic, comprehensive data analytic system to meet the agency’s need for hands-on training that would not interfere with the agency’s real system and data. By introducing simulation training, participants and facilitators were able to learn how to use the system in a safe environment using simulated data and without interfering with day-to-day operations.


  • Four-week Inspection Methods course
  • Provided essential inspection verification task training
  • Incorporated hands-on, system simulation training
  • Created safe environment for learning the agency’s system

The Outcome

After completing the four-week Inspection Methods course, the agriculture agency saw a 99% pass rate among employees within the training program. This pass rate indicates that the program contributed the essential training and systems simulations necessary to provide trainees with the knowledge and experience needed to successfully fill their new  roles.


  • 99% employment training course pass rate
  • Prepared trainees to enter new roles within the agency

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