Worked with Army National Guard to develop engaging leadership, diversity and inclusion personnel, resulting in nearly 500 successfully trained military personnel.

"It has made me aware of my biases and made me more inclusive as a leader."

Leadership Evolution Participant

The Challenge

The Army National Guard came to KPC looking for a way to enhance their Diversity and Inclusion training program and increase the effectiveness and reach of personnel. As a result, they hoped to deploy a training program that encouraged participation, fostered engagement, and delivered material in a relatable and relevant way. By investing in training resources for a handful of facilitators, they hoped to improve the effectiveness of their Diversity and Inclusion training program and leverage these improvements to successfully educate hundreds of military personnel succinctly and efficiently.


  • Provide training resources to select  personnel
  • Develop an engaging and effective D&I training program
  • Enhance ability to reach and educate hundreds of military personnel
  • Improve and expedite training process for faster results
  • Deploy a cohesive, relatable training program

The Solution

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the Army National Guard’s Diversity and Inclusion training program and personnel, KPC developed a customized facilitator training program focused on improving engagement and team outcomes. The KPC team approached its facilitator education plan with a five-day Train-the-Trainer course, focused on Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion titled “Leadership Evolution: The Dynamics of Maintaining Successful Workgroups.” This approach was applied in order to provide personnel with the tools to improve their training programs and team outcomes by incorporating engaging and relevant training methods. This course was followed up with a 90-day Train-the-Trainer assignment that tasked program participants with training at least 30 other military personnel. During this time, the KPC team took baseline and final recordings of the participant’s presentations to measure and demonstrate the change in skill level and the application of concepts learned. Services also included the follow-up 90-day assignment, 6-month follow-up, and a final feedback report to determine the program’s overall effectiveness in engaging personnel.


  • Five-day Train-the-Trainer course in Leadership Evolution
  • 90 day Train-the-Trainer follow-up assignment
  • Participants tasked to train at least 30 other people during program
  • Illustrated the impact and importance of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Measured and demonstrate the change in skill level and the application of concepts learned

The Outcome

During our 90 day Train-the-Trainer assignment, our 20 participants held a total of 14 training sessions, delivering specialized Diversity and Inclusion training to 478 military personnel. Even better, our six-month follow-up, and a final feedback reports revealed 96 percent of students who attended the facilitators’ training programs were highly engaged by both the facilitator and the environment. Ninety-eight percent of attendees also agreed that the course covered material that was not only appropriate to their needs, relatable and relevant, but well organized. Individual student survey item means were universally high, ranging from 3.5 to 3.8, out of 4, suggesting a number of areas in which our trained facilitators were highly successful. These areas ranged from facilitation quality to course content and perceived value of the training session.


  • 14 total training sessions held by 20 Train-the-Trainer participants
  • 478 total military personnel received specialized Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion training
  • 96% of attendees endorsed the level of engagement in training
  • 98% of attendees agreed that the material covered was appropriate to their needs
  • 98% agreed that the course was well-organized
  • Student evaluation results revealed high satisfaction, with ratings ranging from 3.5 to 3.8, on a 4-point scale

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