Assessments for Developing Talent

Assessments Overview

Data is the foundation upon which successful leaders take action and cultivate improved workforces. By assessing strengths, weaknesses and trends within the workplace, we encourage our clients to make data-driven changes that create results. Evaluation is critical to ensuring that goals are successfully met and continuously improved upon; yet too often, organizations are given survey data without clear recommendations for what to do next. We take the guesswork out of analytics by providing organizations with the data they need to measure key milestones, and understand how their human capital survey results drive key bottom line metrics such as engagement, turnover, and customer satisfaction. Based on their assessment data, we provide custom recommendations that will help them achieve and improve upon their goals.

Our Approach

At KPC, we are committed to closely guiding you through the assessment process. Every organization is unique, and so is their path to success. We start by learning about the key metrics your leaders use to determine success then develop a customized assessment plan, grounded in cutting-edge science, capable of uncovering the most important factors driving those key metrics in your organization. After collecting and analyzing the data, we build a set of tailored recommendations that will improve the bottom line outcomes deemed most critical to your organization’s success.


If those factors require intervention by training and coaching, we will deploy our team to help your managers acquire the knowledge and skills they need to better lead their teams. We monitor your organization’s progress over time to help you develop and set new goals for key business metrics so your organization is constantly developing and  improving.


It is imperative for an organization to know where employees stand before taking any action to change things. We offer assessment solutions that give you the flexibility to customize the right training or coaching program.


From pre-release assistance to technical support, response monitoring, assessment launch, and report interpretation, we are involved at every step of the process. We administer the assessment instruments quickly, effectively and work seamlessly with your organization.

We administer these assessments and more:

  • Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP)
  • Hogan Development Survey (HDS)
  • Standout

Training Evaluation

Before any training program can be improved, it needs to be assessed. We evaluate our client’s instructor-led training to become acquainted with each trainer’s personal instructional style and abilities. By assessing instructors based on their current instructional level, we are able to provide trainers and their supervisors with the tools they need to collaboratively enhance classroom instructional practices, training quality, and transfer of learning. As a result of the recommendations derived from our assessments, their training  produces a greater return on investment.

In general, our evaluations assess trainers for the following abilities:

  • Communication clarity
  • Level of student engagement
  • Providing feedback and coaching to participants
  • Use of questioning and discussion techniques

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