Solutions for Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Overview

Even the best leaders are not naturally skilled at everything. Our team of certified coaches provides executive, career and team coaching to help individuals achieve their performance goals. Our wide pool of diverse coaches allows us to match each leader with their highly compatible coach. Through our 5-step process, our coaches help leaders to navigate from where they are to where they want themselves and their organizations to be.

Our Process

  1. Bonding — We match your executives with compatible coaches who will take them to the next level. The one-on-one journey begins with building rapport, trust and commitment.
  2. Discovery — Each session focuses on what an executive wants and enables them to self-discover, learn and determine their own answers.
  3. Goal Setting —The executive determines their own goals and commit to them, while allowing the coach to hold them accountable.
  4. Reflecting — The coach will help the executive discover things that could be standing in the way of achieving goals. Examples: Politics, self-centeredness, power, networks, etc.
  5. Leading — The coach and executive review the new, clear path to their goals as well as best practices in order to achieve success.

Benefits Include Increased:

  • Chance of promotion
  • Employee engagement
  • Personal job satisfaction
  • Persuasion and communication skills
  • Leadership self-awareness and empathy
  • EQ-i aka, Emotional Intelligence

Why Coaching?


Nearly 100 percent of CEOs said they would like coaching to enhance their development. People choose coaching for many reasons including feeling “stuck” and are unsure how to move forward. Or maybe an executive is looking for a change and believe that improving/changing something within themselves would benefit their team. Perhaps their team has a developmental gap and needs assistance in reaching important goals. Whatever the reason, our coaches can help coachable leaders achieve desired change.

Motivating Factors:

86%  Develop the leadership skills of high-potential individuals.

64%  Improve the odds that newly promoted managers will be successful. 

59%  Develop management and leadership skills among their technical people. 

70%  Correct behavioral problems at the management level.

59%  Help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees.

Success Stories

I really appreciate you working so hard to help us see ourselves.” 

— U.S. Army Lieutenant General Alan R. Lynn

“We had a 100% acceptance rate for Senior Executive Service Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) Packages.”

— Senior Executive Service

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