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5 Ways to Promote Civility in the Workplace

Imagine a workplace flowing with collaboration and an open environment for innovation. Respecting one another in the workplace is something every organization strives for, but not many achieve. Establishing methods to promote civility in the workplace will allow your company or organization to reach it’s highest potential.

1. Create an Inclusive Environment

There has certainly been a time in each of our lives where we have felt left out of conversations or activities at work, and that leaves you with a feeling of rejection and like you don’t have a place at work. Establishing an inclusive environment in the workplace is beneficial because it allows employees to have a mutual respect for one another’s opinions and beliefs.

2. Practice Safe and Open Communication

Conflict is healthy if it is managed properly, and establishing that in the workplace is important to maintaining open communication. Understanding one another’s “triggering points” will make it easier to manage, address and react to a situation. Also, practicing listening skills allows for two-way communication to take place without interruption creating a clear voice for each individual.

civility in the workplace3. Host a Workplace Civility Workshop

Hosting a quarterly workshops that address civility in the workplace to get the team together and focus on voicing what each individual believes will make the workplace a civil and positive environment. The workshop focuses on discussing guidelines of conduct and what behaviors and actions are appropriate and those that are not.

4. Host Workshops on Electronic Communication

It is important to understand that electronic communication is a great tool in today’s fast paced world, but knowing when to appropriately communicate electronically is key. Face to face communication in the workplace sounds easy enough, but between phone calls to each others desks and emailing back and forth messages can get altered with the lack personal interaction.

5. Identifying Workplace Bullying

Creating an understanding that workplace bullying is not tolerated is the first step to eliminating it altogether from the workplace. It is important to make every employee aware of the signs bullying and how to properly address them. Informing your workplace that there is a strong policy regarding bullying is imperative. Initiating such a policy in the workplace and identifying how to handle such cases will benefit your company by promoting civility and comfort in the workplace.

Cultivating ways to promote civility will make all the difference in your internal workplace environment. Without comfort in your opinion being voiced, open communication, and workshops, your organization risks not optimizing its full potential. Taking these steps to promote civility in the workplace will allow for internal and external flourishment. To take the next steps in promoting civility in the workplace consider requesting a discovery session with KPC to discuss your unique goals and learn how our curriculum will transform your organization.


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