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Why Leaders Can’t Ignore The LDP!

As KPC continues bringing you the innovations that help you thrive, we now offer

The Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP)!


What is the LDP?

The LDP measures two primary drivers of people: Achievement Drive and Relational Drive. Achievement Drive measures an individual’s approach to tasks and goals, while Relational Drive measures an individual’s approach to interpersonal relations. The LDP provides very detailed insights into these drivers by measuring ten specific personality dimensions. These insights are invaluable for improving individuals’ success by specifically expanding their knowledge base, enhancing their effective behaviors, and increasing their overall productivity.


For Managers

Your success depends upon understanding your team. Who are they? How do they operate? How do they learn best? What drives them to achieve? How do they relate to each other? The LDP is integral to arming you with the critical human insights needed to lead, motivate, and manage your team to success!


For Trainers and Coaches

You know you must train the team correctly, every time. Understanding how people receive and process feedback and information, as well as what motivates them, is critical to your success. With the LDP, communicating with and understanding people becomes much simpler, and teamwork becomes more effective and efficient!


For Recruiters

You’re building the future of your organization. With the LDP, you’ll gain an understanding of the existing team – their attributes, strengths, and weaknesses, what makes them successful, and what drives the highest performing members to success – so that you can recruit new people that fit within the team culture and help it grow and thrive!


For HR Teams

You know your organization as a collection of people with unique needs and goals.

The LDP helps your entire team, as well as its managers, trainers, and recruiters, by empowering them to understand their people, how they receive and process information, become motivated, voice their needs and concerns, and excel!


You’re one click away from trying an LDP at no cost that will help your team thrive!


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