In a perfect world, all managers would be properly trained to handle any situation that they encounter, whether it’s normal day-to-day operations to resolve employee issues. Unfortunately, we find that in every industry and field of work there are occasionally managers who do not possess the necessary training to properly lead their employees. Managers who know how to lead are crucial to any successful business strategy. But how exactly should managers be trained? The following are five leadership training topics in which successful managers are trained in to become effective leaders.

Conflict Resolution

There will be times during business operations where managers will encounter some form of conflict. Employees may have some sort of disagreement in which managers will need to step in and mediate. In these situations, it is imperative that managers handle these matters with as much finesse as possible, as a miscalculated decision could make matters worse. Leaving conflicts unresolved could hinder a business’ success and limit employees’ performance at work.

Teaching Employees

One of the reasons the role of manager exists is because employees need someone to teach them the necessary skills and practices they will need to use to perform well at work. Teaching is not as easy as it seems. No matter how skilled a manager is, it will have no positive effect on employees if he is not able to teach them how to do their jobs. Managers in training need to be taught styles of teaching to best reach employees. In addition, managers in training need to be taught to possess patience when teaching employees and to not get frustrated is employees need further explanations or more teaching.

Decision Making

Managers need to be able to reach decisions using the information they have available to them and need to have the foresight to see the possible effects or repercussions that their decisions will have on employees and the company itself. Often times, managers will need to make a decision in a short amount of time, so they need to be able to quickly and efficiently weigh the pros and cons of each choice and chose the best one to the best of their abilities. Managers need to be decisive and unwavering when selecting and pursuing decisions. Managers in training need to be taught this important skill and how necessary it is to a work environment.



From time to time, employees need to be evaluated by their work performance and feedback will need to be given to them to let them know what they’re doing well on and what they will need to improve on to ensure a good job is done. It should be noted that proper feedback is respectful and not intended to put any employee down; however, it is necessary for managers to let employees know if they are stumbling in certain areas so that they can improve. It is also equally important to let employees know when they are doing a good job. This helps with employee morale and helps to quash any anxiety employees may have about how well they are truly performing.


Employees need to be talked to, not talked at. Managers need to understand this important difference. Efficient communication is two-way, so managers can talk to their employees and employees can reach out to their managers with anything they would like to discuss. Managers should be taught the benefits of this form of open communication in the workplace. Additionally, good communication is a great tool to pass on information about company changes, whether they be good or bad, to employees so that they stay informed and avoid anxiety of the unknown. Of all the topics mentioned, communication is probably the most important as managers need to utilize their good communication skills to manage and resolve conflicts, teach their employees, make decisions and pass on the information to employees, and to give employees the proper feedback about their work performances.

The Five Traits For Effective Leadership

While there is no magic formula for creating the perfect manager, excellent managers can be taught by following these five leadership training topics laid out here. Managers taught in these topics will become more well-rounded leaders who can effect positive change in their workplaces. This in turn creates better work environments for both employees and managers who can work together to reach and surpass business goals. K Parks is dedicated to helping business’ reach their goals while employees reach their own professional goals. We offer discovery sessions to help everyone from administration and managers to employees work together to create a successful business. Schedule an appointment today to discuss your options.


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