A workplace environment is a place where every employee should feel included and welcomed no matter their differences. It is important to understand that differences in opinions are completely normal, and may also add to great discussions and perspectives if treated in the proper environment. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace go hand in hand to establish a workplace community that is open to differences and create equal opportunity for each individual.

What is diversity?

Diversity adds a unique atmosphere and perspective to the workplace. Each employee brings characteristics and qualities that promote different perspectives that will allow for a better understanding of the community at large. Diversity comes in many forms including physical appearances, educational background studies and sexual orientation. There are aspects of diversity that are more closely related to an employee’s personality or views such as hobbies outside of work, religious practices and beliefs as well as political views.

Why is diversity important in the workplace?

When an employee’s feels welcomed and included, they are more likely to perform better. Promoting and engaging a diverse workplace will allow your employees to feel comfortable and in turn produce the highest potential work. Diversity influences how we look at the community and also it also helps individuals form opinions. Having these diverse opinions opens the workplace to a variety of outlooks on any given project or scenario. Diversity in an organization is a necessity, and keeping it positive involves open communication between employees and leaders of the organization.

Background Image - AboutWhat is inclusion?

Though inclusion is much like diversity there are slight difference, that allow them to go hand in hand to achieve the highest ethical work environment. Inclusion allows for each individual at an organization to have equal opportunity, access to information and resources no matter their differences. Having equal opportunity allows for employees to contribute to an organization’s success fairly and without a hinderance. Actively including every employee’s ideas, concepts and perspectives will ultimately optimize your business’s success. It is hard for one individual to see things from multiple perspectives and creating an inclusive environment allows for everyone to voice unique perspective.

How can your company benefit from diversity and inclusion?

Bringing diversity and inclusion into a work environment has many benefits in enhancing the success of a business. Having diverse employees can ultimately lead to a competitive edge because the business world and client taste is constantly changing. Having employees with diverse opinions, views and taste allows for a broader knowledge of the population at whole. Integrating inclusion into a diverse workplace allows for this broader knowledge of our publics to be voices and to have equal opportunity in doing so. Establishing this open communication creates opportunity for diversity and inclusion to work hand in hand in promoting a positive and successful work environment.

As organizations adapt this new standard of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, it will continue enhancing and optimizing the success of businesses. Understanding what diversity and inclusion are in the workplace will create a positive and productive environment. To establish diversity and inclusion in your workplace request a discovery session with KPC to establish your unique goals and learn how our customized curriculum will transform your organization.


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